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Raise Awareness with InspireVive

Raise Awareness

It's as simple as making a Facebook post or sending a tweet.

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Choose your favorite local charity.

Earn Prizes on InspireVive

Earn Prizes!

Free tickets to concerts and sporting events.

About InspireVive

At InspireVive we want to motivate individuals to discover the pleasures that come from helping others.

Start earning points today by volunteering at a local charity, donating blood, or raising awareness about a social issue via your social network. Companies who care about their community and want to motivate others to make a difference are providing tickets to winners!

"Life's most urgent question is, what are you doing for others?"
- Martin Luther King

For Charities

We bring eager volunteers to your door step!

Many people want to volunteer and make a difference, but do not know where to start. InspireVive makes it easier than ever to volunteer.

When partnering with non-profit organizations, InspireVive is able to help them accomplish their missions by providing them with much needed volunteers. We are always looking for more charities to partner with.

For Businesses

What if businesses could leverage their marketing spending in order to increase charitable contributions, without having to sacrifice the benefits of marketing? Better yet, what if the best form of marketing involved helping charities?

InspireVive provides businesses with a unique and powerful marketing channel combined with the ability to increase volunteerism among the community. With InspireVive, companies can benefit from peer-to-peer promotion, great branding, the ability to reach out to younger target markets, and most importantly, the ability to make a positive impact on the community.

Want to make a difference in your community?

For Schools and Volunteer Organizations

Keep track of the heroes in your organization

Volunteers donate their most valuable asset: time. Tracking the time donated by heroic volunteers with flexible reporting helps to understand and communicate the impact volunteers have made in your organization. Unfortunately, we have found that an effective solution is often missing. Instead, volunteer coordinators rely on pen and paper or spreadsheets to keep track of their volunteer base.

Enter InspireVive for Organizations.

Schools and other non-profit organizations are constantly under pressure to reduce administrative overhead. At InspireVive, we have made an incredible tool for managing a volunteer base that saves time and money. We have decided to give it away for free to select non-profit organizations, inculding schools, churches, sororities, fraternities, and many other types of volunteer organizations!